Friday, December 2, 2011

Secrets of the Woods-- Part 4

Marina followed Dimitri out of the woods quickly. She wasn't sure what his hurry was but he kept glancing up at the sky and muttering. She looked at Quatica who kept her glaring eyes firmly on him. She knew the wolf was just doing her job, but she thought maybe she was overdoing it. The trees broke and before them stood a, rather tacky, little house. She had never seen anything like it.
"Well this is it." He said to her. She nodded and said nothing. "The gardens are over there." He said motioning to the right. "You may sit and enjoy them for however long you feel the need." He said smiling.

When she didn't respond he sighed. "Blasted spirits." He muttered under his breath. He pointed to the far field to the right. "That is the stables and the dog's sleeping quarters." He explained.
"Shall we?" He said starting up the stairs. Marina followed slowly, something was telling her to hold back but she didn't know what. He seemed nice, and he'd offered her a more comfortable, though odd looking, place to stay. What was this feeling of doubt she couldn't shake?

They proceeded inside the house and Marina flinched at the thought of what awaited her. She had no idea mortal men could live in a place that was so out of sync with nature. Once inside she gazed around at the small house.

Directly ahead was a kitchen/dining room area (or that's what he called it) and 3 doors on the walls behind it. 2 bedrooms and what he called a bathroom. Ineed inside wasn't SO bad, but there were no wall decorations or rugs to make it more homey in her opinion.

"This is it." he said walking into the kitchen area.Marina's eyes moved towards a large door to the left. She was intrigued by it.
"What's this room?" She asked innocently. He glared.
"That's MY study. No one is allowed in but me. That is my one rule. Keep out of there no matter what." Marina's eyes widened. His mood had changed quickly at the mention of that door. Naturally it piqued her curiosity.

He continued into the back and took the door to the right leading her into a good size room. It had a bookcase, a couch, a bed, and a dresser. Very plain and simple.
"This shall be your room. It overlooks the gardens if you desire to look out." He said, his warm friendly demeanor coming back.

He turned to her then and continued.
"I will be in the room next door should you need anything. I hope you will be comfortable here and please do not hesistate to ask me for anything your heart desires. I will bring you new clothes in the morning." He said glancing at the fading sun. 

"I bid you goodnight." He said quickly. She smiled at him, her sweet innocent unsuspecting of any wrong doings.
"Thank you Dimitri. I truly appreciate this. You are so kind."
He cleared his throat, muttered a goodnight, and left for his bedroom. Immediatly he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

A strong female voice answered, slightly annoyed.
"Yes?" She demanded.
"She's here. I found her." He whispered. The woman gave a short throaty laugh.
"Good. This went easier then I thought. You have one week Dimitri." She said raspily.
"I know. The planets will align and that's when we must carry out our plan." He said strongly.

"Do not fool yourself with this one." She warned. "Charm her, seduce her, amuse her, you MUST lay claim to her as soon as you can." She snapped. "No mistakes. Your brother's did it, and now it's your turn. It was easy enough to get the little fool to digrace her family to get her here. The rest is up to YOU." She went on.
"I know mother." He snapped.
"Just to make sure there are no mistakes I'm sending a spell your way. We can't have you running off to change every night. You wont have enough time with her." She said thoughtfully. "This will bind you to this, mortal form." She said, pronoucning mortal as if it were a curse word. She then hung up and immediatly Dimitri felt her spell starting.

"It is done. Do not fail me son." His mother's voice echoed in his head.
He stood, enjoying the feeling of the night as a "mortal" would. He liked this feeling, but he knew he'd never dare tell his precious mother that. He closed his eyes, trying to figure out how he would go about doing this.....this job his mother so graciously betowed on him.
He was lucky his mother was too preoccupied to see the one image that haunted his mind....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Secrets of the Woods--Part 3

Dimitri was frozen as if in a trance. She was exactly what he'd been looking for! He had found her! She questioned him with her innocent eyes but said nothing." I'll have to move fast," he thought to himself. "She's already starting to change...." He tried to move his horse forward but the white wolf stood and glared at him menacingly. He paused, hearing a growl from Hunter as well.
"No Hunter!" He snapped. The girl's eyes glanced at his dog as he sat. She showed little interest. Her eyes were more focused on him. He smiled to himself hoping this would be easier  then he'd initially thought.

He dismounted sending the wolf into a frenzy. He froze while the wolf bared her teeth and made wild angry noises at him. He glanced at the girl who simply watched her "pet" threaten him.
"Uh if you could...please..." He started. She glared slightly.
"You have invaded my home, not the other way around." She said. Her voice was smooth and musical, almost soothing like hearing the waves dancing along in the moonlight. He shook his head not wanting to lose his concentration. Glancing at the sky he calculated the time he had left before sundown. 2 hours. He had to hurry.
"I beg you pardon m'lady. I meant no disrespect." He said turning on his charm. She raised an eyebrow, seeming to weigh what he said. She turned to the wolf and spoke calmly.
"Quatica, kuzira." she spoke. The wolf stopped and sat, though continued to glare at Dimitri.

Dimitri approached her slowly.
"Well what?" She asked as he came closer. "What is it you want?" She crabbed at him. The time on land had made her irritable
"My name is Dimitri Hordenal." He began quickly. "I live just outside the woods, and have my whole life. Never before have I come upon such as you. Pray, tell me your name?" He said smiling his disarming smile. It worked for she seemed to relax.
"Marina." She said, her eyes glued to his. She watched his eyes light up at her name. She couldn't help but feel drawn to the manliness of him and energetic pull from his beautiful green eyes. He was damn near irresistable.

"What brings you here? How'd you find me?" She asked. He motioned to his dog.
"Hunter has a way of finding unexpected things." He smiled.
"So I'm a thing am I?" She retorted. He laughed.
"Hardly." She smiled back. "Listen, perhaps I could offer you a place to stay? It's not much but there's a stable for your..." He hesitated looking at the blue 'horse'. ", and housing for your wolf." He said glancing at Quatica who snorted in response. "There's a spare room and a lovely garden I made in the back. You're welcome to stay." He said, his charm working overtime. She looked troubled at first, but finally smiled and agreed.
"Ok that sounds great."

With those words he let out the breath he was holding. He had no trouble talking her into staying...but once he had her there the real work would begin............

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secrets of the Woods--Part 2

Marina leaned down and hugged her horse lovingly. Glacia nickered at Marina happily and Marina giggled. It had been over a month that she'd been stuck in the mortal realm. In all that time she came to rely solly on her pets to make it through the monotanous days of "living". How did mortals do this day in and day out? She found it dreadfully dull, and longed to play on the waves as she used to.

Suddenly Quatica began sniffing the ground fiercly. With a snarl she ran off through the woods. Marina was tempted to follow but instead shrugged it off, as was her carefree nature, and took Glacia for a ride.
Quatica ran headlong through the woods after the strange scent. It was an intruder, she knew this. She was going to rip them apart and keep her mistress safe as was her job. The trees broke and she zoned in on the smell's source. Before her stood a huge male dog with a thick spiked color. They locked eyes and he began to growl. She returned it with more ferocity and snapped her teeth at him, hackles on point. She took a step towards him and he seemed to sense it'd be a losing battle for he turned and fled.

The dog ran through the woods barking excitedly as he almost collided with his master on horseback. The horse snorted and his master smiled.
"What's going on Hunter?" He asked. The dog continued to bark and turned to lead him back to where the dreaded wolf was at. His master looked confused at first.
"Come on Hunter there's nothing good in those old woods." He said shaking his head. The dog persisted, so he relented and followed slowly.

Weaving in and out of trees, Dimitri followed his faithful dog. He yawned somewhat bored with the ride. He'd lived in these woods his whole life and had yet to see more then a few wild animals, which he hunted. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that when he'd enter the small clearing hidden in the deepest part of the woods, that he'd encounter a creature more beautiful then he'd imagine. The trees broke and Dimitri blinked his eyes rapidly. A horse the color of the sea stood next to the pond while a strikingly beautiful white wolf stood on the other. Between them he saw what appeared to be a scantily clad blue elf or something, gathering water from the pond. The figure turned and his green eyes locked with her piercing deep blue ones immediatly. He knew it then and there....he'd found her. His mission would be complete.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Secrets of the Woods Part 1

 She was born of the water. A princess in her own rights. She roamed free playing on the waves, like a child on a playground. A thought never crossed her innocent mind that anything could change....but it did. She disgraced her family horribly and for that her father punished her. It pained him to do so, to lose his only daughter and heir...but he said to her, if she could prove herself worthy, in time he'd forgive her. So she was sent to the mortal world through a portal in a small pond that stood alone in the woods. Marina didn't fear this new world, she embraced it as an adventure, though she begged for her father not to send her alone.

He gave in and in his hand he fashioned a beautiful horse straight from the waves. She rose from it's depths and went to Marina peacfully. Happy to have her as her companion.He then gathered some sea foam and fashioned from it a beautiful wolf to be her protector and companion. He said she would be loyal above all others and keep her safe.

Marina started work on her new life. She found some rocks and turned them into a fire pit, then fashioned a swing chair out of wood and leaves. The forrest was happy to give her the help she needed for without water they could not survive. She'd bless each living thing around her and soon the little glade that became her home flurished beautifully. However even with the beauty that surrounded her, Marina began to feel the mortal world closing in on her. Little did she know that her adventure had yet to truly begin......For the woods held more secrets then just her. There were terrible, dark secrets she would soon uncover. She'd soon be fighting for her life and the lives of those she loved.

This is my first time creating a blog for my story.
I hope to get better as time goes on.